The Hall-Hessberg-Martin 25-m

Glossy medium brown delicately woodgrained with darker olive brown toning. The surfaces are smooth except for the usual tiny planchet chips in the centers, and the only notable planchet defects are a shallow depression in the planchet that weakens TO in AUCTORI and a barely visible planchet clip over NE in CONNEC. Faint hairline scratches show on the portrait and seated figure, but you need a good glass to see them. A speck of glue or some similar substance is located just below the eye. The obverse is misaligned to K-7.5 while the reverse is off a bit to K-2. The date is complete and clear. The attribution is noted on the edge in white ink. Clearly superior to the Perkins and Ford examples. And it comes with a very nice provenance. Weight 130.5 grains.

Ex Dr. Thomas Hall-Edward Hessberg, Stack’s 6/19/1991:1403 (plated)-Robert M. Martin (includes the Martin collection envelope).



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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