Choice glossy medium brown blending to light chocolate brown in protected areas. The surfaces are smooth and nearly flawless, and this piece has superior eye appeal. The only notable marks are a vertical streak of darker toning on the cheek, a tiny rim nick over the left top of the T in AUCTORI, and a minor rim bruise at the T in ET LIB. The obverse is slightly off center to K-10.5 and the reverse is off to K-3.5, but the date and legends are not affected. Struck with the reverse rotated 80 degrees CCW. A superior example of the variety, clearly superior to the Taylor, Perkins, and Ford pieces. Weight 151.4 grains.

Ex 1975 EAC Sale, Pine Tree Auctions, 2/15/1975:101-Stack’s 3/15/2000:1015 (plated).


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