Struck over a 1785 Nova Constellatio. Sharpness EF40 but dark with areas of fine to moderate roughness on both sides, and there is a significant dent on the chest of Britannia that created a bulge on the obverse. A rim dent below the shoulder, a diagonal scratch through the jaw, and a collection of microscopic scratches right of the date round out the list of notable detractors. On the plus side of the ledger most of the details are sharp and ample evidence of the host 1785 Nova Constellatio is visible, clearest above the head of the portrait (TIA from JUSTITIA) and right of the shield (OVA from NOVA). Weight 115.6 grains.

Ex Frederick B. Taylor, Bowers & Merena 3/26/1987:2706-Bowers & Merena 11/13/1995:3044 (last lot ticket included)




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