Mostly glossy olive brown and chocolate with lighter brown toning on the devices. The surfaces are nice but not perfectly smooth showing some microscopic roughness in the fields and protected areas, especially at LIB, while the highpoints are smooth. There is a minor lamination in the field before the chin, another small one at the second C in CONNEC, and a chip out of the planchet right of the waist of the seated figure. Intermediate die state with a strong die crack at UCTORI but no cuds. The date is complete and the legends are nearly complete. A rather large curved planchet clip at K-10 to K-11 on the obverse affects some of the legend on both sides. Weight 128.4 grains.

Ex Ken Lundry, 1996 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 10/12/1996:208.


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