Discovery Coin

An AUCTOPI variety. Rather glossy light to medium brown on the devices with darker olive brown toning covering the fields and protected areas. There is fine roughness and some shallow dark crud/verdigris in protected areas but essentially this is just a well worn copper. Some of the devices show details several points better than the assigned AG3 grade, but some others are weaker. The best identifying mark is a small pit on the elbow of the arm holding the staff. The date is gone but most of the legends are visible. This (apparently) is the discovery coin for the variety. The new reverse was reported in the Colonial Newsletter in March 1964 and since then more than a dozen additional examples have been discovered. The variety is noted in white ink in the left obverse field and “R/New” is noted in the right obverse field (similar to the ANS example). Weight 132.0 grains.

Ex Canfield-unknown-Mike Ringo 3/1985-Robert M. Martin 11/5/1988-Mike Ringo, Stack’s 9/8/1993:1044 (plated, $308)-unknown-Coin Galleries 4/2000:1739




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