Very Rare V.6-72A

Sharper by at least 10 points but there are a half dozen dull dents that create an uneven surface. The notable dents are a vertical one close before the mouth, another at the R in GEORGIVS, and two more at the bottom of the neck. The planchet looks smooth but a glass reveals extremely faint granularity under rather glossy reddish brown toning with lighter brown toning on the devices. Struck slightly off center to K-9.5 affecting the dentils but not the devices. The date and legends are complete and strong. Later die state with a strong die crack extending up from the outstretched arm of Britannia. At least as well detailed as the Vlack plate coin; one of the finer examples known of this very rare variety in spite of the dents. Weight 130.2 grains.

Ex Steven Saari, 1997 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/8/1997:81 ($616)




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