An ET LIR variety. Slightly sharper but there is a patch of shallow verdigris or crud nestled into the folds of the bust drapery. The planchet is mostly smooth but there are some very fine striations on the head of the portrait and the opposing lower half of Britannia plus a couple fine laminations at ET LIR. The only notable contact marks are a tiny rim bruise at the A in AUCTORI and another at the top of the reverse. Nicely centered on the planchet; only the bottom of the 1 in the date is tight to the edge of the planchet. The date and legends are strong. Not perfect but still quite nice for the variety; superior to the Taylor and Norweb-Perkins examples. Weight 142.6 grains.

Ex Tom Rinaldo, 1997 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/8/1997:222 ($231)




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