Ex Dr. Hall-Norweb Collection

An ET LIR variety. Attractive medium brown and light olive. The planchet is mostly smooth but there are tiny planchet striations and chips on both sides, none significant or distracting. The only notable marks are some light nicks in the field above the bust and tiny rim bruises at the top and bottom of the obverse. Traces of an old attribution sticker are still adhering to the globe below Britannia (easily removed if desired). Nicely centered with a strong, complete date and legends. The ET LIR feature is bold. Comes with a nice provenance. Weight 161.8 grains.

Ex Dr. Thomas Hall Collection-The Norweb Family Collection, Bowers & Merena 3/24/1988:2587-George C. Perkins, Stack’s 1/12/2000:444

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1787-Connecticut-Miller-37-1-cc-1-R4-DBL-VF25_i41781341



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