Glossy medium brown and light chocolate with a swipe of light reddish chocolate toning above the head on the obverse and a spot of similar toning at the left foot of the A in AUCTORI. These two reddish areas contain traces of microscopic roughness but the rest of the planchet is smooth. There is an obvious planchet chip on the head, a few shallow chips at the rim over TORI, and a very thin lamination up through the 1 in the date to the feet of the seated figure. The only notable contact marks are a couple fine diagonal scratches at the right end of the date. An attractive example of the first “Laughing Head” variety, a popular “Redbook” type (looks more like a smirk to me; whatever). The date and legends are complete and strong. Weight 122.2 grains.

Ex Robison Collection, Stack’s 2/10/1982:124-Robert M. Martin (includes the Martin collection envelope).


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