Double Struck Off-Center Brockage Maker

Sharpness F15 where the devices were properly struck up but the planchet is covered with fine to moderate granularity on all but the highpoints, which are smooth. There are a couple specks of verdigris on the obverse but you have to look hard to find them. The only marks are a couple thin planchet fissures above the first 7 in the date and another larger one on the outstretched arm of Britannia. Double struck. The first strike was centered on the planchet and a second strike at least 50% off center to K-4.5 left a partial but clear impression of the obverse die on the obverse but the opposing part of the reverse was struck against a new blank planchet (thereby creating an off-center reverse brockage impression on that second planchet). A neat mint error. Weight 131.4 grains.

Acquired 3/1999 from an unrecorded source




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