Rather glossy dark chocolate brown with lighter brown toning on the highpoints of the devices. The surfaces are reasonably smooth but a glass reveals areas of microscopic roughness. No significant contact marks, but there are some planchet flaws (as usual). The notable flaws are a fissure at the top of the head, another parallel one from K-2 to K-6 on the obverse, and a smaller one at the right elbow of the seated figure. The details on the obverse are weaker, as always on this variety. Most of the legends are readable. The lower half of the date is off the planchet (also typical for this variety) leaving only the tops of 786 visible. The sword, hilt, and guard at the right side of the waist of the seated figure are clearly visible. An acceptable example of this very rare and popular type. Weight 131.8 grains.

Ex Norman Peters, 2001 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/10/2001:107.


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