Miller Plate Coin

Very attractive glossy medium brown and light chocolate. Smooth and nearly flawless offering great eye appeal. The only marks, and they are trivial, are a small diagonal nick on the nose even with the bottom of the eye and a tiny rim bruise over the D in INDE. A small curved planchet clip affects the top of the first C in CONNEC and the lower part of the 87 in the date. Struck very slightly off center to K-1 leaving the bottom of the 17 tight to the edge of the planchet, but the date is easily readable. A premium example of a tough variety, and it comes with a great provenance. Superior to the Taylor and Perkins examples. Considered second finest by Rothschild. This is the plate coin for the variety in the Miller reference. Weight 149.8 grains.

Ex Henry C. Miller Collection, Thomas L. Elder, 5/29/1920:1900-John J. Ford, Stack’s 5/10/2005:316




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