Extremely Rare 1786 M.4.2-S

Ten points sharper (actually there is very little wear on this piece but the strike is a bit mushy) but there is a stain of dark chocolate brown toning along the bottom of the obverse and a larger stain of similar toning covering most of the reverse. In addition there are narrow horizontal planchet striations across the lower half of the obverse and upper half of the reverse (as struck), and traces of verdigris are nestled into these fissures. Otherwise the planchet is mostly smooth and glossy with lighter brown toning in the unstained areas. No contact marks. The lower third of the date is weak or missing but the rest is easily readable. Not perfect but still one of the finest examples of this extremely rare variety. A variety that was missing from the Ford collection, and this piece is superior to the granular Taylor-Perkins piece. The sword, hint, and guard right of the waist of Britannia are visible but not strong. A prize for the advanced collector of this very challenging series. Weight 143.0 grains.

Ex John Carter Brown Library, Pine Tree Auctions 5/1976:503-Bowers & Merena 11/1999:53

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1786-Connecticut-Miller-4-2-S-R7-Mailed-Bust-Left-Sword-at-Waist-Variety-VF20_i41781317



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