Sharpness near EF40 but dark with microscopic roughness under the slightly glossy dark greenish olive brown toning. The highpoints are a lighter shade of brown and chocolate. There is a patch of stronger roughness near the rim on the right side of the reverse and minor roughness elsewhere on that side. No notable contact marks. The reverse is aligned slightly off center to the bottom leaving the lower third of the date off the planchet. The remainder of the legends are easily readable although a few elements are weak due to die swelling. Later die state with swelling on the right side of the obverse and sinking along the left side causing the field to rise around GEORGIVS. This variety is part of the Machin’s Mills and Connecticut series. It combines the Machin’s V.13 obverse die and the D reverse used in the Connecticut series (Miller 2-D and 16.1-D). A popular “crossover” variety. Weight 123.5 grains.

Ex Mike Ringo (the famous “Albany Collection”), 2000 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/18/2000:88 ($1265) (includes the Ringo collection envelope)




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