A formidable challenger to the preceding lot showing a little more wear but less roughness and fewer planchet flaws. Partly glossy light olive and medium brown with darker reddish chocolate toning in protected areas, particularly on the reverse. Extremely fine roughness covers all but the highpoints and traces of very shallow reddish verdigris or scale can be found in a few places. There is a small patch of stronger roughness in the field at the forehead. The only planchet flaw is a small fissure at the rim over EC in CONNEC, and this flaw does not affect any of the design elements. The date and legends are complete and clear. Earlier die state than the preceding lot with moderate swelling at UC that allows those letters to remain clearly visible. Probably a condition census example. Weight 145.2 grains.

Ex Bowers & Merena 11/11/1999:54.

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1786-M-5-2-O-2-R6-MBL-VF25_i39236681


Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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