Extremely Rare V.21-87C

Sharpness VF25 but covered with fine roughness. In addition there are some significant contact marks including a round dent under the ear, a lighter one under the R in REX, and a depression close below GEORGIVS that created a bulge below BRITA. There are a few specks of verdigris on both sides, the only notable one being in the field right of the top of the shield. Slightly glossy with reddish brown and light olive toning on the obverse, lighter olive and brown toning on the reverse. The date is not visible, as always thanks to the badly worn reverse die, but most of the other devices are visible. The details on the obverse are much stronger, as usual on this variety, and only the III is weak. Far from perfect but certainly an acceptable example of a variety that is missing from most significant collections of Machin’s Mills coppers. Weight 108.2 grains.

Ex Mike Ringo (the famous “Albany Collection”), 2000 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/18/2000:83 ($3520) (includes the Ringo collection envelope)

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1787-Machin-s-Mills-Halfpenny-V-21-87C-R7-VG10_i41781304



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