The Bushnell-Garrett “Scholar’s Head”

Choice glossy medium brown with light to medium chocolate brown in protected areas. The surfaces are smooth and this piece has outstanding eye appeal. The only flaws are some small planchet chips on the head (as always) and a minor planchet fissure through the I in INDE to the feet of the seated figure. Usual die state with an obvious die clashmark at the right end of the line above the date and swelling on the reverse. A great example of the popular “Scholar’s Head” variety; superior to the Taylor, Perkins, and Ford examples. And it comes with an important provenance. Weight 148.3 grains.

Ex Charles I. Bushnell, S. H. & H. Chapman, 6/20/1882:817-unknown-The Garrett Collection, Bowers & Ruddy 10/1/1980:1342-Tony Terranova (includes the Garrett lot ticket).



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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