1914 ANS Exhibition Coin

Choice glossy medium brown and light chocolate brown. The planchet is perfectly smooth except for shallow voids on the cheek with a minor extension down the neck. A thin planchet cutter impression just inside the obverse rim from K-4 to K-8 is the only other defect. Intermediate die state with no swelling on the obverse but several die cracks on the reverse and minor cud breaks at the feet of the seated figure, at the E in ET, and on the right side of the I in LIB. The date is complete and bold, and the legends are strong. Comes with a great provenance as one of the exhibition coins on display during the 1914 ANS Exhibition of United States and Colonial Coins (plate 12 in the 1914 catalog for the exhibition). Weight 111.3 grains.

Ex George C. Ham-unknown-1975 EAC Sale, Pine Tree Auctions 2/15/1975:312-Stack’s 3/16/2000:1031.

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