Rare “Fatal Break” M.14.1-L.2 in Brass

Glossy light golden tan and olive. Lightly cleaned but the planchet undeniably is brass, not copper. There are some minor fissures at the top of the reverse, strongest in the dentils over E in ET, but the rest of the planchet is smooth. The only contact mark is an “X” lightly scratched across the reverse with the crossing point at the waist of the seated figure. The obverse is slightly off center to K-2 and the reverse is off a bit to K-5. Struck with the dies in medal alignment, head-to-head. Late die state with strong swelling on the right side of the obverse and wide die cracks and swelling across the reverse from ND to the waist with branches from there down through the shield and another up to the L in LIB. In effect the reverse die was broken into three pieces. A neat die state made especially important being struck on a brass planchet. Weight 111.9 grains.

Source not recorded.


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