Double Struck S-136

Glossy dark olive brown and chocolate. The surfaces are nice and the color is attractive. The only marks are some faint hairline scratches on the portrait and a couple more at the top of the wreath, all blended nicely into the toning. A small, thin nick over the second A in AMERICA can help identify this cent. LDS, Breen state V, with all the die cracks and clashmarks described in his reference on the series. In addition there is fine doubling on the obverse, clearest on the ribbons and in the dentils, while the reverse shows no evidence of doubling. The details on the reverse are blunted, as always on the later die states of this variety. Our grade is EF40 sharpness net VF25 (but to the unaided eye this cent looks like a nice EF).

Certification # 1422.92/40983569




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