The obverse is glossy chocolate brown with lighter brown and tan toning on the highpoints; the reverse is glossy tan and light brown with an arc of darker chocolate brown toning covering ETLIB. This piece was lightly cleaned and has retoned. There is a thin planchet fissure from the dentils above the head through the forehead into the field below ONN and small chips at the dentils over ETLIB, all as struck. Otherwise the planchet is smooth with surfaces that are clearly superior to most of this variety. Only minor evident weakness in the centers. The date and legends are bold. A premium example of the variety and the ETLIB INDE type in spite of the old cleaning. Weight 135.7 grains.

Ex Frederick B. Taylor (who acquired it from an unrecorded source in 1945), Bowers & Merena 3/26/1987:2336-Ed Serrafian 9/12/1997.


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