Struck over a NOVA CONSTELLATIO. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate with lighter brown toning on the highpoints. The surfaces are smooth and the only mark is a diagonal scratch from the neck to the rim at the quatrefoil over the bust tip. The reverse is choice. Evidence of the undertype NOVA CONSTELLATIO shows on both sides. Later die state with swelling on the obverse. A die crack on the reverse passes through the quatrefoil and becomes a horizontal wave passing through the lower part of the seated figure to the rim at N in INDE. The date, legends, and the usual die clashmarks on the obverse are strong. Weight 124.2 grains.

Ex 1975 EAC Sale, Pine Tree Auctions 2/15/1975:381-Stack’s 9/16/1997:143.



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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