Possibly Double Struck S-61

A sharp cent but the planchet is covered with microscopic roughness on all but the highpoints, which are smooth. No verdigris but there are some marks. The obverse appears to have been pressed into the reverse of another large cent leaving shallow impressions of wreath leaves on the bust and portions of a couple letters of ONE CENT on the cheek and neck. Some experts have speculated these impressions may be from an earlier brockage strike, and that may be true. The only other notable mark is a fine, very old scratch through 94 into the field under the bust. MDS, Breen state III, with die clashmarks on the obverse. The date is bold and the legends are strong. An interesting piece and it comes with a nice provenance. Our grade is net F15.

Ex Tom Morley Collection, Superior 5/31/1992:224-Dean Pollack 4/2004-Dan Trollan Collection, Goldbergs 1/27/2019:185 (includes the Trollan collection envelope)

Certification # 901374.97/37246671

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1794-S-61-R4-PCGS-XF-Detail-Environmental-Damage_i41781499



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