Glossy medium chocolate brown with lighter chocolate toning on the devices. Technically VF20 or better on the reverse but there are some marks on the rim and the planchet is very slightly bent. A dent on the rim above the head nearly obliterated the 17 in the date and a pinch on the rim at the top of the reverse weakened the head and top of the staff. The planchet is mostly smooth with just a few small flaws on the chest and top of the head of the seated figure and a flake in the dentils at the L in LIB. Struck slightly off center to K-10. The legends are complete and most are strong except for AUC, which are weak. The bottom of the date is off the planchet and only the upper half of the 8 remains clear. The bisecting die crack across the reverse is clear. Not perfect but still one of the best detailed examples known of this very rare variety. Far superior to the Taylor and ANS examples. Weight 120.5 grains.

Ex Stack’s 9/8/1993:1033-Coin Galleries 4/12/2000:1737.



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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