Glossy golden tan with some olive brown toning on both sides, particularly in the fields on the reverse. Most of the planchet is smooth but there is obvious chipping on both sides, especially at the top of the obverse and on the reverse at the shield and globe. In addition a thin lamination meanders just inside the rim below the shoulder of the portrait. Struck slightly off center to K-10.5 leaving the lower two-thirds of the date off the planchet. The chipping and weak strike at the top of the obverse weakens the BI in AUCTOBI and only part of the B remains visible. The ET LIR error is clear. Struck with the reverse rotated 55 degrees clockwise (which placed the “planchet demanding” shield and globe opposite the BI and forehead). Still superior to the Taylor, Perkins, and Ford examples. Weight 139.0 grains.

Ex Stack’s 3/15/2000:1024 (plated).


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