Rather glossy dark chocolate brown and olive. No verdigris or notable contact marks, but the coin is far from perfect. The execution of this variety is very crude compared to the other varieties in this series, and the planchets are plagued by significant striations. Parallel striations show in the obverse fields passing from NW to SE while the highpoints are smooth. The notable flaws on the reverse are some roughness along the rim at the top. The date is strong, quite bold in fact, and the legends are nearly complete and easily readable (although some elements are sinking due to die failure associated with the late die state). In addition there are traces of glue on the reverse. Overall not too bad for this intriguing variety. Weight 99.3 grains.

Ex Mike Ringo (privately) (includes the Ringo collection envelope)

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1784-Machin-s-Mills-Halfpenny-V-14-84A-R6-VG10_i41781295



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