Mostly glossy dark olive brown and steel with lighter brown and chocolate toning on the highpoints. The surfaces are decent but not perfectly smooth with microscopic roughness covering all but the highpoints. No verdigris and the only notable planchet flaws are a thin planchet fissure left of the I in INDE and another over the B in LIB. A collection of very light scratches are hidden in the toning at the left side of the shield, and it takes a good glass to find them. The date is bold and the legends are strong; the central portion of the reverse is softly struck, as always on this variety. The details are only slightly inferior to the Ford example (which was graded “About Uncirculated.”). Weight 130.1 grains.

Ex Mayflower Coin & Stamp Company FPL 2/1986-George C. Perkins, Stack’s 1/12/2000:184.


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