Double Struck. An “ET LIR” variety. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate with darker chocolate toning in protected areas. The surfaces are perfectly smooth except for some microscopic chips at the junction of the neck and jaw. The only notable marks are several light rim bruises on both sides and a dull nick hidden in the hair below the first C in CONNEC. Late die state with heavily clashed dies and strong swelling at CTOR and INDE with minor swelling elsewhere. This piece was struck two times with a slight rotation between strikes and a pivot point at the top of the obverse. Clear, strong doubling is visible on both sides, strongest on the lower half of the obverse and upper half of the reverse. The date is bold and the legends are complete. A superior example of the variety, better than the Taylor, Perkins, and Ford pieces. Weight 128.2 grains.

Source not recorded.


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