Glossy chocolate brown with hints of reddish chocolate and olive brown toning in some of the protected areas. Most of the details are quite sharp and consistent with a significantly higher grade, but the strike is uneven with weakness at the upper left of the obverse and the opposing area over IND. There are some parallel planchet voids on the obverse, mostly hidden in the hair, plus one on the head of the seated figure and another at her lap. No corrosion or verdigris, but there are some tiny scratches over the first N in CONNEC and some fine hairline scratches hidden in the toning on the obverse. A very dull contact mark or planchet void on the jaw is the only other notable mark. The attribution is noted on the edge in white ink (possibly attributable to Hall/Brand). Weight 130.4 grains.

Ex New Netherlands Coin Co. 12/1968:324-John J. Ford, Jr., Stack’s 5/10/2005:218.



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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