Glossy medium brown blending to light chocolate in protected areas. Traces of frost show in protected areas and this piece offers excellent eye appeal. The planchet is smooth except for the usual chipping in the centers and a few fissures. The fissures are a diagonal one on the jaw at the throat, a small one at the dentils above the bouquet, and another on the knees of the seated figure. The only contact mark is a rim bruise over the R in AUCTORI. Nicely struck and nearly centered on the planchet. The date and legends are complete and strong. There is a small tab on the planchet (extra planchet metal) over NEC that can quickly identify this piece. Rather early die state with minor swelling in the field before the portrait. Finer than the Taylor, Perkins, and Ford pieces. A superior example of this surprisingly tough variety. Weight 121.6 grains.

Ex Jeff Rock (Rosa Americana, Ltd.) 4/24/1995.


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