Glossy medium brown blending to light chocolate in protected areas. The planchet is mostly smooth and the eye appeal is excellent, but there are a few small planchet flaws. The notable ones are a minor lamination on the jaw, a smaller one in the hair, and shallow flake over the T in AUCTORI. Just a few trivial contact marks including a fine horizontal scratch from the top of the neck to the hair ribbon. A bit of fine verdigris is located inside the D in INDE. Later die state with a strong crack down from the bust to the rim plus other fine cracks on that side. Struck slightly off center to K-12 leaving the lower part of the date off the planchet, but the date is slightly more complete on this piece than on the Perkins and Ford examples. Superior to the Ford piece, arguably better than the Perkins example. Weight 147.3 grains. .

Ex Ted Craige 1962-Bowers & Merena 11/11/1999:95 (plated)



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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