Rather glossy olive brown with lighter brown toning covering the devices. The surfaces are reasonably smooth but a glass reveals very fine granularity on both sides, mostly in the fields and protected areas. The only planchet flaws are a small flake at the bottom of the hair ribbon and a tiny flake at the waist of the seated figure. There are about ten closely spaced nicks on the bust and some faint hairline scratches on the lower half of the reverse. Late die state with swelling and rim cuds on the obverse and obvious die failures on the upper half of the reverse. The profile of the portrait is complete, which is a plus for this variety. Rather well centered but the bottom of the date is off the planchet. The date remains easily readable and the legends are complete. A decent example of this very rare variety. Weight 127.3 grains.

Ex Phil Moore 8/5/1997.


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