Glossy light to medium chocolate brown. The centers show only minor chipping and the central portion of the seated figure is well struck. There is a small depression with microscopic planchet chips in the field below the end of the chin and some unevenness in the fields at the top of the reverse due to the late state of that die. Struck very slightly off center to K-10 leaving the bottom edge of the date slightly off the planchet, but the date is bold and the legends are complete. Late die state (but not the latest, see the following lot) with a small cud break at the C in AUCTORI and a subtle wave in the field from that C towards the chin. The reverse displays numerous spidery die cracks plus a small cud break at the back of the head. A very nice example of a neat die state. Weight 144.8 grains.

Ex Tom Rinaldo 3/20/1999.


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