Crosby Plate Coin for the “African Head”

Choice glossy light to medium brown blending to light chocolate brown in protected areas. The surfaces are smooth and this is a superior example of the popular “African Head” type. The only notable defects, and they are not distracting, are a small rim nick over the first C in CONNEC and a planchet void nestled between the left arm and torso of the seated figure. The obverse is nicely centered on the planchet; the reverse is slightly misaligned to K-7 leaving the bottom of the date off the planchet. Clearly one of the finest known of this popular type, and it comes with a great provenance. The obverse is plated on Crosby Plate 5, coin #5. Weight 130.3 grains.

Ex Nathaniel Appleton-Massachusetts Historical Society Collection, Stack’s 3/29/1973:37-Tony Terranova-Gilbert Steinberg, Stack’s 10/17/1989:79-Joseph B. Piervincenti-George C. Perkins, Stack’s 1/12/2000:195 (where it brought $5462.20).


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