Ex Charles I. Bushnell-Lorin G. Parmelee, S. H. & H. Chapman 6/20/1882:2622-Lorin G. Parmelee, New York Coin & Stamp Co., 6/25/1890:692-James B. Wilson, Thomas L. Elder 10/5/1908:991-Ebenezer Gilbert, Thomas L. Elder 10/12/1910:47-H. O. Granberg-William H. Woodin, The United States Coin Co., 5/19/1915:133-Henry C. Hines-Dr. William H. Sheldon-Dorothy I. Paschal-John W. Adams, Bowers & Ruddy Galleries 1982 FPL:39-Del Bland 3/15/1985-Bertram M. Cohen-George E. Ewing, Jr.-Darwin B. Palmer, Jr., 4/1995-Douglas F. Bird Collection, Goldbergs 2/16/2020:15-Walter J. Husak Collection

Certificate Number 35600.62/37592637

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