Lot 229 – 1816 N-6 R2 MS60

Choice lustrous medium brown with bluish-steel overtones and traces of faded mint red in a few of the reverse letters. A lovely cent with extremely well-preserved surfaces, a little scratch on the cheek is the only thing to note. Called AU in the past but the surfaces are fully lustrous and we see no trace of wear. E-MDS and shows the curious “edge reeding” seen on some of this variety outside stars 3-7. Ex Lester Merkin 2/1969 - R.E. Naftzger, Jr., 1985 EAC Sale, lot 313 - Stu Hodge, 2004 EAC Sale, lot 316 - Tom Reynolds 11/18/2004 - Bryan Yamasaki.


1816 N-6 R2 MS60


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