Lot 130 – 1794 S-48 R5 PCGS VF detail. EAC G4

Starred Reverse. Always an exciting offering when an example of this storied large cent variety comes up for sale. One hasn’t graced the pages of our EAC Sales in over 10 years. This piece is at least F15 in terms of the amount of wear received, but the definition is softened by porosity covering the fields and devices on each side, a bit heavier on the reverse than the obverse. The rough reverse surface doesn’t preclude fairly clear stars in the dentils from 5 to 10 o’clock though. Fortunately there are no marks or other damage to affect the appearance besides the roughness. Steel brown in color with some blue overtones. S-48s are cherished in all grades from basal state to the finest known XF and this one will no doubt find a loving home, though not before some good competition. Ex John Wright - Skip Pelletier.


1794 S-48 R5 PCGS VF detail. EAC G4


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