Lustrous M.31.1-gg.1

Very attractive glossy medium brown with frosty luster showing through in the fields on both sides. Just a light touch of friction on the highpoints from mint state. Most of the planchet is perfectly smooth but there are a few fissures. A fissure that meanders across the bust and a deeper one at the top of the head of the seated figure are the notable fissures, but there are a few additional trivial flaws on both sides. Later die state with the right top of the T in AUCTORI faint. Struck slightly off center to K-1 leaving the very bottom of the date off the planchet. Otherwise the date and legends are all bold. A beautiful piece, considered to be very high in the condition census for the variety. Weight 159.9 grains.

Ex Spinks 3/24/1983:47-Early American Numismatics 3/18/1995:87-George C. Perkins, Stack’s 1/12/2000:322.


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