Maris Plate Coin

Glossy light olive and chocolate brown. Smooth and very attractive. The only planchet defects are a small fissure on the rim at the bottom of the obverse and a collection of tiny chips and fissures on Britannia’s chest and areas above. A glass reveals a faint diagonal scratch crossing the thighs of Britannia; otherwise there are no notable signs of contact. MDS with bold die clashmarks on the upper half of the obverse but only minor swelling. The date is bold and the legends are strong except for ET which is covered with tiny planchet chips. This is the plate coin for the variety in the Maris supplement to the Crosby reference. A nice coin with an equally nice provenance. Weight 126.1 grains.

Ex John G. Mills Collection, S. H. & H. Chapman 4/27/1904:330-John J. Ford Collection, Stack’s 5/10/2005:486-Tony Terranova (includes the Terranova envelope)




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