Mostly glossy light to medium brown with darker steel brown toning on the devices. There is a hint of reddish brown toning in the field at the bust and a bit more surrounding the head of the seated figure. The surfaces appear smooth to the unaided eye but a glass reveals extremely fine roughness in the fields and protected areas on the obverse, strongest at RI. No marks or verdigris. The edge of the planchet over ET is uneven from a barely visible straight-edge clip. The date is bold and the legends are strong with just a few letters tight to the edge of the planchet. Has the variety neatly added in white ink along the edge, probably by Dr. Thomas Hall. Weight 141.9 grains.

Ex Donald Mituzas FPL 1/1990:87-George C. Perkins, Stack’s 1/12/2000:275.



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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