Attractive glossy medium brown and light chocolate. The only sign of roughness is an area of microscopic granularity in the field before the head of the seated figure, and it is not at all distracting. There is a shallow planchet flaw that skips from the field before the throat to the rim under the shoulder plus a deeper void at the left side of the N in INDE with a thin extension to the rim left of the E in ET. No contact marks or verdigris, just light wear. The date is strong and the legends are clear. Late die state with obvious swelling below ORI and at the legs of the seated figure. An attractive piece in spite of the planchet flaws. Weight 123.9 grains.

Ex Jeff Rock (Rosa Americana, Ltd.) FPL #11:111 (3/18/1996).



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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