Discovery Coin for V.23-87C Rarity

Sharpness VF25 or a bit better where properly struck up but dark with fine to moderate roughness over most of the planchet. Dark olive brown and steel with a peep of greenish verdigris at the second G in GEORGIVS. The notable marks are an old scratch in the hair under the V and a small planchet fissure at the rim off the left end of the truncation (as struck). The reverse die used for this variety was worn out well past its useful life before this die pairing and the peripheral details are weak or missing (including the date). The central details, however, are strong. Not the most attractive Machin’s in this collection but probably the rarest. This is the discovery specimen, found by Mike Ringo in a non-descript group lot. The first auction appearance for the variety was in the 2000 C-4 Sale and only a very few are known today. A prize for the advanced collector of this difficult series. Weight 117.4 grains.

Discovered unattributed by Mike Ringo (the famous “Albany Collection”), 2000 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/18/2000:87 ($3740) (includes the Ringo collection envelope)




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