Glossy steel and light chocolate brown. The surfaces are smooth (both the Miller-Ford and Perkins examples are significantly granular), and the only defects are a linear planchet flaw off the forehead and another on the torso of the seated figure. The strike is uneven, as usual, with weakness on the right edge of the obverse and opposing left edge of the reverse (struck in medal alignment). Apparently the die faces were not in perfect parallel alignment. Late die state with heavy swelling that obliterates UC in AUCTORI. The reverse is slightly misaligned to the lower left causing the bottom of the date to be off the planchet (but it is still easily readable). A decent example of this variety with some design elements considerably sharper than the VG10 grade assigned here. Weight 103.8 grains.

Ex Coin Galleries 7/2005:1231.


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