Glossy medium brown and light chocolate. The surfaces are reasonably smooth but there are small fissures and laminations on both sides. A collection of small laminations in the field off the chin, some more under the N in INDE, and more on the shield are the notable flaws. A curved planchet clip at the top of the reverse and a small chip out of the rim left of the clip are good identifying marks. Struck a bit off center to K-11 leaving the lower two-thirds of the date off the planchet. Very late die state with swelling, cracks, and clashmarks on the obverse. A fine bisecting die crack meanders across the obverse from the R in AUCTORI to the first N in CONNEC. A considerably later die state than seen on any of the Taylor, Perkins, or Ford examples of the variety. Weight 130.6 grains.

Ex Mike Ringo 4/13/2000.



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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