Five points sharper but there is a planchet chip at the lower right point of star 3, as struck but it does catch your eye. The only other notable marks are a thin line (nick, scratch, or struck-through?) right of the chip and another smaller chip hidden in the dentils at star 9. Otherwise the surfaces are smooth and nearly flawless. Glossy brown and light chocolate with mint frost in the fields and protected areas. MDS, Breen state III, with flowlined fields on both sides. Struck slightly off center to K-10 (which is typical of pieces in Breen state III). A nice cent that comes with an excellent provenance that has been traced back more than a century.

Ex M. A. Brown, S. H. & H. Chapman 4/16/1897:1112-George Earle, Henry Chapman 6/25/1912:3451-S. H. Chapman-Lester Merkin 9/11/1974:285-Kenneth Goldman-Bruce Leopard 11/1986-Jack H. Beymer-Colonel Steven K. Ellsworth, 1996 EAC Sale, lot 177-Adam Prescott-Tom Reynolds 8/11/2001-Terry Denman




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