A sharply detailed piece with just a light touch of wear on the highpoints. Most of the planchet is smooth but there is some obvious chipping on the head and neck with lighter chipping on the upper half of the seated figure. A rather deep fissure on the lower part of the neck is the principal flaw. Frosty medium brown and light chocolate with a few spots of darker olive brown toning on the reverse. No contact marks. A curved planchet clip affects the tops of TOR and the opposing ND. Strong die clashmarks and significant swelling show on the obverse, a later die state than seen on the Taylor, Perkins, and Ford examples. The date and legends are sharp and strong except for those few places that are off the planchet. Certainly high in the condition census. Weight 109.5 grains.

Ex 1975 EAC Sale, Pine Tree Auctions 2/15/1975:294-Stack’s 1/16/2001:83 (plated).

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1788-M-6-H-R5-MBR-VF35_i39236879


Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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