Pedigreed S-137

Sharpness AU50 but there is a scrape on the rim at UNI, a small rim nick over that I, and a thin planchet fissure slanting through the E in CENT (as struck). The planchet is mostly smooth but there are microscopic pre-striking planchet chips scattered over both sides (which are often found on this variety). Very attractive glossy medium brown and light chocolate with frosty luster showing in protected areas. E-MDS, Breen state III, showing a fine die crack from the rim through the right ribbon end to the adjacent A. This cent is plated in the Breen encyclopedia to illustrate his die state VII (one of many photo errors in that reference). Called AU50 net EF40 and tied for CC#5 honors in the Bland census. Noyes says EF45 net VF30 and tied for CC#10, his photo #28721. Comes with a very nice provenance.

Ex Charles J. DuPont-Anderson Dupont sale, Stack’s 9/1954:173-Charles J. DuPont, Stack’s 4/1955:401-Glen Wallace-Abe Kosoff-Rare Coin Company of America 5/1974:848-William R. T. Smith-Douglas F. Bird-Robinson Victor McCawley (RVM) 1/29/1988-R. S. Brown, Jr., Superior 1/27/1996:194 (lot ticket included)-Dr. Philip W. Ralls-Ralls Estate, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 1/26/2014:464-Chris McCawley 4/24/2014-Terry Denman




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