Glossy light olive brown and steel. The surfaces are smooth, free of any planchet defects or corrosion. The only marks are a pinprick in the field over the bust and a rather deep dent at the rump of the seated figure that has created a subtle bulge at the neck on the obverse. A minor planchet clip over AUC touches the tops of those letters. Late die state with strong cracks on both sides and two cud breaks on the obverse: the usual one at the shoulder and uncommon ones at the top of the head involving the first C in CONNEC and another touching the star over the bust tip. The date and legends are complete and clear. A nice example of a neat die state. Weight 82.3 grains.

Ex Stack’s 3/22/1994:241-Rich Nadeau, 1998 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/21/1998:231.


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