1907 Stickney-Chapman Plate Coin

Mostly glossy mix of medium brown, reddish chocolate brown, and dark olive brown. The dark areas appear to be from impurities in the planchet. Sharply struck on the peripheries, soft in the centers (which is typical of the variety due to the high relief of the head). Tiny planchet imperfections (chips) cover most of the head and the central portion of the reverse. No contact marks or other defects with just a light touch of wear on the highpoints. Nicely centered on the obverse while the reverse is slightly misaligned to K-9. Clearly superior to the Perkins example of the variety, and it comes with a nice provenance. Weight 136.4 grains.

Ex Matthew Adams Stickney, Henry Chapman 6/25/1907:171 (plated)-unknown-John J. Ford, Jr., Stack’s 5/10/2005:241.

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