An ET IIB variety. Significantly better from a technical perspective, sharper than the Taylor, Perkins, and Ford examples, but banged in the central part of the obverse against something rough leaving two deep, rough dents that created a bulge in the central reverse. There are some fine laminations from the E in CONNEC to the back of the neck and numerous light pin scratches on the reverse. On the good side of the ledger is the excellent sharpness and color which is a pleasing and rather glossy medium brown and light chocolate. The obverse is nicely centered; the reverse is off a bit to K-7 leaving the bottom of the date off the planchet. The legends are complete and strong, and the ET IIB error is quite strong. The attribution was added in white ink in the field off the chin and neck. Weight 143.5 grains.

Source not recorded.



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